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Ben has been cooking for over 20 years around the world including Brazil, Thailand and closer to home in Spain, Holland, France and all over the UK.
During this time, Ben has evolved his style of cooking to focus on creating delicious dishes showcasing the best seasonal local produce. At the heart of all his menus are three principles…


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With a proven track record of successful consultancy, for existing businesses or start-ups

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Ben is currently planning the next stage of the business.

Alongside this, he is continuing to develop new dishes and concepts

that he can make available for you in line with Government guidelines.

Keep an eye on his social media to stay up to date with what’s next.

The art of sourdough

Baking during lockdown

The art of sourdough

With more time, people are able to think about what they are buying and where they are buying it from. This has led to a surge in the #supportlocal philosophy that Ben has alway been a huge advocate of. Also, with the extra time, people have been cooking and baking more including of course, sourdough.

At the start of lockdown Ben started baking sourdough loaves to help structure his day, this resulted in excessive amounts of bread being produced so Ben started delivering them to people nearby. This was soon followed with an online Youtube instructional and a recipe card so people could start baking at home and the response was amazing. 

Introduction to sourdough

Makes 2 loaves 

460g          Water
320g          Starter
800g          T55 Flour 
20g             Salt 



      • In a large bowl mix the water and the starter until combined.
      • Add the flour and salt then mix to form a dough.
      • Cover with a damp cloth and prove for 3 hours at 22/23 d/c.
      • Create 1 set of envelope folds on the dough then prove for 1 hour.

 Repeat this 3 times (so a total proving time of 3 hours.

      • Gently remove from the bowl onto you work bench and split the dough into 2.
      • Lightly shape the loaves and allow to rest for 5 minutes.
      • Lightly dust your proving baskets.
      • Shape the dough by folding and pinching the outside to the inside.
      • Place presentation side down into your proving basket (no folds visible)
      • Put into the fridge overnight.


      • Pre heat the oven to 240 d/c with a pizza stone on the top shelf and a shallow tray on the bottom shelf  for 1 hour.
      • Remove the pizza stone and turn the bread out of the baskets onto the pizza stone. Score using a razor blade.
      • Pour 200ml water into the tray at the bottom of the oven then put the pizza stone back in and shut the door.
      • Cook for 20 minutes. Then open the door to remove the steam and cook for a further 8 minutes.
      • Remove from the oven and allow to rest for 20 minutes on a cooling rack.


Latest Posts

Old school v New school

Old school v New school

I have intentionally ignored all modern cooking techniques over the last 5 years and gone back to basics. Some of the modern techniques are over used and you can't beat good old-fashioned simplicity.   This approach has served me well but recently I have had more...

Supper Clubs

Supper Clubs

I ran my first Supper Club in January 2018. I started with six people in Sulston’s Kitchen and they were mainly friends and family. This slowly grew to eight people and then to ten. Eventually, we had to put on two nights per month and soon people were booking a month...



You don’t need alcohol to have fun…… really! Like most people in the UK, I have been drinking since my early teenage years whether in Europe on school trips, raiding spirit cupboards and making some serious cocktails that Dale DeGroff would have been proud of, hanging...


“Wow last night’s secret supper club was faultless! We were blown away by the hospitality, the food and the surroundings. Giving some of the top London restaurants a run for their money – thank you for a really brilliant night.”

Secret Supper Club at Neptune

“We were lucky enough to bag tickets for Ben Sulston’s pop up event, and we can see why these TOFS events have become so popular! There was a fantastic, friendly atmosphere from the very start, and eating a top restaurant standard dessert under the fairy lights was the highlight of our evening.”

Supper club at TOFS

“What a wonderful night, the food was gorgeous and the whole experience was overall perfect. Would have you back in a flash.”

Dinner party

“Ben, thank you so much for the amazing food you prepared for our party of 10 last night. Having been to your pop up at The Old Fire Station, I’d raved on about how good it was. Due to your popularity and demand, they were selling out like hot cakes, hence booking a private dinner party. Everyone had a fantastic time and were blown away last night. We will be booking again.”

Dinner Party

“Such amazing catering for our events from Ben Sulston. A wide variety of healthy and locally sourced food with so many flavors yum.!”

Drop off event

“We have had so, so many comments about the food – my favourite was the venison (so hard to cook perfectly for 31 people) but opinion was divided on which was the best out of all 3 courses (indeed I have never heard so many people rave about desert before!). Also everyone loved the interactive style with chef Ben Sulston, it’s such a great touch. 

Sam, Ben and all of the staff worked tirelessly and it really was such a special night for us as TOFS is a huge part of our Tonbridge life!”

Event at TOFS

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