The ‘on trend’ drink of the moment. I really started to understand gin and the process behind distilling from talking with Will at Greensand Ridge Distillery in Kent. I learnt the difference in distilling methods and the difference between the mass-produced gins to the smaller distilleries. I loved the story behind his process utilising ingredients from the hills that surround the Weald to flavour the gin.
Will’s gin is amazing and I regularly used it for my gin cured salmon while cooking my Supper Clubs in Tonbridge. The salmon really takes on the flavour of the gin so it is an important ingredient in the dish.
I have been on the lookout for a local gin distillery since moving to Cambridge and through the wonders of Instagram I saw something about Cambridge Distillery so thought I would check them out. I went to the distillery to taste the gins and get to know a bit more about the company and how they make the gins.
Thinking i knew how gin was distillled I was caught off guard when they started talking to me about the way they make the gin. They infuse all the botanicals separately in a machine i recognised as rotary evaporator, then blend the gin.
Having played around with a similar bit of kit in the science lab while studying my foundation degree in Culinary Arts at Westminster Kingsway College, I have a basic understanding of the principles so it made complete sense when they explained it.
Just like cooking, ingredients cook better at different temperatures. Some may take longer or shorter times and this method of infusing botanicals separately allows all factors to be controlled.
The result speaks volumes. I tried lots of gins, all neat, and they were all absolutely amazing. The Japanese gin was my favourite to drink. The flavours in both the dry gin and the Curator’s gin are perfect for what I am looking for.
I will be using the gin to cure the salmon for our August Supper Club at Hidden by Puddini. The gin distillery is based in Grantchester, Cambridge so I popped down to the meadows after my visit. While walking along the river I saw my new favourite ingredient and one of the 5 things I have now been able to successfully forage…
Pineapple weed! As the name would suggest, it tastes like pineapple. I will be using this in the dish too which will link everything together as the ingredients found in the meadows are part of the inspiration for the gins botanicals.
Check out my Instagram stories over the next month to see the recipe development for the dish.


Tickets are available for the Supper Club are available to buy here.


If you live in or around Cambridge and love gin get yourself booked on to one of Cambridge Distillery there numerous workshops from gin tastings to creating your own gin and everything in between.