Ben’s latest project in Richmond has been really exciting helping bring his clients vision of Bean Bar to life.


Ben places importance on being able to see his clients’ vision and get into the mindset of what they are trying to achieve with their business.


This project was launching at a tough time for the hospitality industry, in the middle of a Global pandemic, but the client believed in the concept and so did Ben. They worked through the summer to launch in September.


However big or small your project is, Ben is happy to work out a consultancy package to suit your needs.


With over 20 years in hospitality and a huge network within the industry, Ben can put you in contact with the right companies to start or improve your business.


Here are some examples of how we can help you and your business.


From large equipment to the perfect tea bags and everything in between, Ben can help you get the best product to suit your business.


Menu development

Based on the concept and skill level you require in the kitchen, Ben can put together suppliers, recipes and methods, and most importantly costings to ensure you are meeting your desired GP.



Ben has worked hard over the last few years to expand his understanding of the specialist coffee industry and works closely with some of the best coffee roasters in the UK. He can help you source the best coffee for your business and the right equipment to make it with too.



Working closely with trusted graphic designers, Ben can help make your brand become a reality from logos through to websites, signage and more.


Social media

Having built an entire business from social media, Ben fully understands the importance of social media presence and can help you put your social media plan together to get it to work for your business.


Ben can either work with you on a rolling month-to-month basis or as an initial one of service. To discuss which would best suit your needs please get in contact by email: