Where does the name Lost Sheep come from? 

When we decided to get lost ourselves, leave our day jobs, go backpacking around the world. Which is how we discovered Aussie style coffee and the name was literally a light bulb moment. 


Why did you start roasting coffee?

We really wanted to create and source amazing coffees and have full creative control of the coffee itself.


What does single origin mean? 

There’s different types actually. You can have single origin when something comes from one town or area, or straight from a farm. Many of our coffees are single origin and straight from the farm.


How do you choose which country to buy beans from?

We’re very fortunate to have amazing contacts and known in the speciality coffee industry. This means we receive a high volume of green samples from around the world, and we simple cup each one and choose through taste and not price. 


Do you buy direct from the growers?

Yes! We’re proud to say that we have great close relationships with our green suppliers and will always buy directly.


What’s your favourite way to brew coffee? 

We’ve been playing around with Clever Drippers lately and we’re really enjoying the results we’re getting! 


What’s the best coffee you have ever drank?

Lost Sheep of course! 


Any tips for people getting in to speciality coffee? 

Enjoy it, but remember to stay grounded. There are some great blogs our there and even YouTube channels that focus of Speciality Coffee, so it’s super easy to learn nowadays. 


What do you think will be the next big thing in the coffee industry? 

Now that would be telling…. we think variations of fermentation and processing methods 


What’s your view on cafes charging for takeaway cups?

Obviously we encourage people to be as environmentally friendly as possible and will always actively encourage people to take their own cups to our shops and other coffee shops. We’re probably as a nation not fully there yet with the need to take a cup everywhere as most coffees we feel are bought as impulse purchases. Hopefully this will change in the future.