What an amazing time of year! I may be jumping the gun but I’m calling it Spring! The weather is warming and the flowers are coming out. The produce we start to get in the lead up to summer is beautiful, and its beauty is definitely a welcome change from the dullness of the winter months.

As soon as the first harvest of forced rhubarb came through in early January I was already getting excited for the start of spring. It’s not long now till we see the first of the English asparagus, followed shortly after by the Jersey royals and then broad beans, peas and so much more.

We have a few seasonal changes coming soon on the menu at TOFS so watch this space. Plus I will be uploading a new recipe to the Eat the Season’s section of the website so please check that out. One thing is for certain there will be lots of asparagus on the specials as soon as it is available! I will also post a delicious recipe on here too.


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